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A space for holistic living and healing, rooted in decolonial perspectives & sprinkles of joys.

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Hey you, I’m May,
A soul grand-daughter of Miss Maya Angelou who once said “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style” And that is exactly how I try to live my little life. 
As a holistic life coach/guide, I find joy in assisting others design as fulfilling, empowering and intentional a life as possible. Take a look around my digital garden and read more about how I can assist you bloom into your best life.

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Polyamory, Sexuality and Soft victory (2/2)

Hey you, how are we doing? Can you believe it is already the last week of January 2020? So, I guess it is fitting to finish the last post summing up last year, nice and slow is the pace of my flow. So, where did we leave off from the last post?  Well, love. Love

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What is faith for the non-believer

  I wrote that piece as inspiration from a journal entry I made a few days ago. It was about the profound sense of peace and serenity that had been reigning over me in the past few days. I have been reflecting a lot on what faith and peace mean to the non-believer. What do

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What happens to soft Black Beings. Black HSP

“Being highly sensitive does not at all rule out being, in your own way, a tenacious survivor.” ― Elaine N. Aron, The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You Hey sis, the other day after coming out about my own mental journey, I started just wondering more about what happens to soft black

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Sister love from holistic sessions

  • "May is such an easy person to talk to. She feels like a friend who is there with you and supports you as you learn to heal your wounds, without trying to rush you through it! Thank you so much May!!"
    1+1 session
  • "If you are looking for sessions where you feel comfortable to express yourself and you don't feel like I'm the professional and you are the client with a problem but still having that level of professionalism, trust and respect I would tell you to sign-up. I took the opportunity and have no regrets."
    1+1 session
  • "May, is an intuitive healer. I was drawn to her intentional words and attention to  beauty of the world through her videos and blogs. When I heard of the Soul Sessions facilitated by her, I thought it was a sign to reach out to someone who inspires me to be a better person. Every week we talked like distant sisters offering our all, our whole beings so that we can create a time of pure honesty to make a pathway for healing. With the time I prioritized for the sessions, I got to reflect on my week and explore topics that have been on my mind with the guidance of a curious listener. Thank you May!"
    group session
  • ” Although I only participated in a few of the soul circles it was nice to connect with other black women, particularly as I have struggled to do so since I have moved to Lisbon. I think the main lesson that I left with was the importance of removing expectations and just be open to whatever comes.  It was nice to share my experiences as well as learn about other ways to promote healing and thriving in my life. “

    group session
  • “Working with May in a group setting was a great experience. She was attentive, provided helpful guiding tools, and was a great listener. I appreciated May’s willingness to, at times, go off script and address issues and topics as they arose. This was important because it showed the ability to allow us as individuals to go at our own pace. I’d recommend working with May for anyone.”

    group session
  • “The sessions reminded me of the importance of setting aside time for myself once a week to listen to myself. I sometimes realized the sessions were guided by what my intuition tells me, so I started to ask myself some of the same questions and trust in my intuition. I have also gotten a lot of tools to use in times that I may need a structured way to care for and understand myself. For example the idea of a care label, a love philosophy, and meditating on memories of darkness to bring more light to those thoughts. All of these tools were practiced in the sessions and I intend to fall back on any of them when my intuition tells me.”

    1+1 session
  • “I am really grateful for the opportunity to chat about issues that we are facing as individuals affected by our surroundings and the system around us. I found the class to be very informative, very supportive. There’s nothing refreshing than seeing women uniting and conversing and sharing experiences and truths. Lessons of life and womanhood. “

    group session
  • “I felt that participating in the group gifted me with a fresh perspective on how to integrate self-care in a manner that suits me. I left the group feeling empowered and more confident in my ability to seek what I needed to care for myself. The tools provided were incredibly relatable and easy to manage which helps to make self-care far more accessible than it was before the group. May was very attentive and kind which really made this experience a gift to be a part of.”

    group session


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