The beginning of May, is always a special time for me because it gets me reflecting on the past year, on my goals, my growth, my gains & my releases. It is the month I celebrate a new year, a new chapter and age,- This year, I felt the urge to find a way to share the light that I have found through my own personal journey and darkness. I was inspired by the women around me, who often come to me for light-sharing and who inspire me to not only keep growing and blooming but to remember to pass the light on as I go through life.


So, for this month, in celebration of my upcoming 29th birthday,  I would LOVE  to challenge myself by finding a new way to share the tools and ideas that I have found on my own personal path of liberation and healing (continuous).

I thought it would be wonderful to do this through a digital soul course that I could share with my soul-tribe/ particularly, my sisters.

The soul class is titled “On shifting from a survival mindset and diving into mindsets and practices embracing of thriving and abundance.”  This will be the first of, hopefully, many more soul classes! I am excited about venturing into this new realm of healing and decolonizing, but also exploring the work of healing and inspiring abundance.


(To put you in the mood of selfhealing and care- is soul sister Jamila Woods – H O L Y)

So, to join all you need to do is send me an email or dm on my Instagram and I will be able to send you more information as the class gets closer! Looking forward to seeing you all there! The class will take place between the 20th to the 29th of May.


Best regards, in bloom,