Hello ladies!

So, this is day two of our Soul Circle and the subject today is on the survival/scarcity mindset.

“The Scarcity Mentality is limiting. It may seem like a good plan at first, but over time too much energy is wasted on conflict, negative thinking, and stifled creativity”  Penny Tremblay

The survival mindset can also be understood as someone who will survive and be resilient despite any circumstance, which is a good thing in the hard and bad times. However, it is meant to be a mindset that pulls us through difficult situations not somewhere we unpack and live forever – this then turns into a scarcity mindset, where we constantly operate from a scarcity standpoint – just getting by, rooted in fear and distrust of ourselves and life.  A mindset that keeps abundance at bay, since there is no space for abundance while we are focused on just surviving. 

The self-work assignment for this class will be a journal exercise – one where you simply reflect on your own mental framework and personal philosophies.

Self-work assignment:  

  •  In your journal, write down the things in your life that keep you in survival mode or that are rooted in a scarcity mindset.
  • Reflect on how the scarcity mindset affects certain areas of your life
    • Your relationships
    • The way you eat
    • Your career or work path
    • Your self-talk
    • Your approach to everyday life

We will be sharing and reflecting on this in tomorrow’s soul circle 🙂

best of wishes to you all!