Hey everyone!


Welcome to day 4 of our digital soul circle, you have made it this far 🙂

Today we have a video (below) on the subject of decolonizing our approach to healing and incorporating more holistic practices towards our personal journey of healing.



You can not heal in the same environment that you got sick in


I would add to that, that we can´t use the same methods used to make us sick in our approach towards healing. Yet, being aware of those methods and the strategies used against us, is important because it is like following a map backwards until it leads you home or closer to where you came from. And from there, we can start building the path towards where we desire to go.



For self-reflection – journaling:

  • What do you feel is the most pressing issue concerning your healing?
  • Where do you find knowledge for the current healing path that you are on?
  • Do you feel that you have a tribe of people around you, who are on the same journey or have been, as you currently are?
  • If not, where do you feel you can find (or create) such a tribe?
  • Is your healing journey focused on you or do you also/mainly feel responsible for the healing of people outside of you? And if both, which do you feel you spend the most time on?
  • When did you start your healing journey and do you often take time to reflect on how far you have come so far?
  • Do you prefer to plan your healing journey or to simply take it as it comes?


That is it for now and I truly hope that reflecting on these questions brings more enlightenment on your path towards healing and abundance.

Sending you all light and blessings!