Hi ladies 🙂


Today´s self-work assignment is really special – it is meant to help you practice self-awareness for by helping you examine your routine, your daily life. It is believed that you can judge the future of someone based on how they approach their daily lives and their daily routines. So, in order for us to stir our path towards a life of abundance and thrive – we must become mindful of our daily practices and how the things we do or have around us makes us feel.

Here are some questions to reflect on during your self-work day:


  • How do I wake up and how does it feel?
  • What do I do first thing when I wake up and how does it make me feel?
  • My bed, how does it feel to sleep in it?
  • My room, what is the first thing I see?
  • What is the vibe of my space
  • What is my morning routine?
  • What do I feel about what I eat in the morning, what I eat from, the pace and space I eat from and at?(repeat for lunch and dinner)
  • Where/how do I spend the majority of my day?
  • What conversations am I engaging in and how do I feel about them afterwards?
  • Am I left renewed or exhausted and why?
  • What am I wearing and does it matter and why?
  • How does my body feel moving around?
  • Which people am I around – how do they make me feel?
  • What do I bring to the environment – am I giving or taking energy?


  • Pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day – which emotions are they rooted in?
  • Where did I feel most at ease and what was challenging?
  • When the day ends – how do I unwind – how do I prepare for bed and how do I feel about it?
  • How do I go to bed (a scheduled time or dozing off after something)- how do I feel about my day as it ends?


I would like you to keep these questions as guidance throughout your day, you can keep them on your phone or write them down on a piece of paper to carry with you. The idea is to spend the day present in your body as an observer rather than a reactor – to be conscious of how you move through your day and question how it feels and why you do the things you do as best as possible 🙂

I look forward to us getting to share our day together on Saturday, where I hope to see you all! 🙂

Sending you love and light