Guys we made it! Day ten is all here and it has been a pleasure, my fellow sisters. Being on the other side has left me more inspired and moved at the power of community even if it is digital! First of all, thank you for being a part of this circle and spending these days with me and I hope you have all gotten something you can take with you and that you are left feeling lighter :).

So about today our last circle!

We started our circle with thanksgiving – then got to the topics of the day which were divided in three subjects: letting go to make space, creating a self-commitment to our healing and self-care and finished with affirmations to help us stay grounded on our holistic journey beyond these 10 days!


On letting go

They say it´s hard to attract a new life or way of living without actually making space for it. Mentally, physically or even emotionally.

Mentally, we can start letting go of the need to know it all – it will never happen ( I repeat, it will never happen) again this is where you should invite more trust into your life – that you at least know what you need to know right now to get you where you need to go next and trust that more information will come your way as you need it.

Also letting go of thinking everything you think is the truth. This right here took me some time to understand – what you think can be real but it doesn´t mean it is the truth – you can observe a thought and examine it and really question its sources and data – be critical towards your own critical thinking, thoughts such as “I am not doing enough, I am not enough, I don´t deserve this, I don´t have enough” or whatever it might be – question it instead of running away with it- this will let your mind know that you don´t just let anything fly and occupy space within you!

Emotionally – find ways to let go of pent up emotions – a form of emotional declutter, which makes space for more clarity and ease emotionally. You can do this through what we have done here sometimes through talking: Talk it out, even if it is with yourself – share your issues in safe spaces so that you are not carrying them alone – cry if you have to, sing it out loud or write them down on paper to have them in physical form – so that your inner child feels like you are listening and paying attention and can  stop trying to remind you of the same emotions. Avoid the need to bury things, because what is buried often has the habit of growing into something bigger and stronger – spreading its roots in areas in your life you couldn´t even imagine it to show up. Also, seek help if needed – whatever you do, don´t think sitting on it will just make it go away, because it never does nor will it ever. Let that *sh go sis ;).

Physically letting go means using your body in a way that releases and feels freeing. Letting loose for example is a big part of African culture- and we do this through dancing, regardless of where in Africa, dance is an important ritual of many tribes and people. Connecting to dancing has been a very freeing and healing practice for me and I highly recommend it if you feel like it could resonate with you.   Everyday exercise also works; stretching, yoga – moving is a big part of human health and in our nature state we were created to spend a good portion of our day moving. The lack of movement is a big part of the suffering we face today through different diseases and “dis -eases”. We are not physically finding ways to release energy, breathing, sweating and letting go of toxins in our bodies and minds enough. This builds up biological and emotional toxins within. This can really affect our health and our ability to thrive – especially since health is our biggest form of wealth.

On self- commitment

We all experience a sense of fear of commitment in some form but we should never be afraid of self-commitment since you are the one person who will literally never abandon you, it is literally impossible.

So, we can write a commitment to yourself in the form of vowels like a marriage in your journal ( things you promise or wish to commit to yourself like you would someone you love) ooor, you can make it in audio form for you to listen to every now and then. A gentle reminder from someone who truly loves you (you). You can also get a self-care buddy and check in with each other weekly or bi-weekly in order to make sure that you are taking care of yourselves and staying motivated and inspired.

Okay, guys – that is it concerning letting go and ways to develop self-commitment. I would like to end our days together by sharing some affirmations inspired by our time together but also some that always help me feel grounded. Affirmations I hope that you can also take with you on your journey.  Remember guys, that you can always personalize your affirmations to fit what you currently need, whatever resonates.



I am exactly where I need to be

I belong, just as I am

I am loved and adored by myself , others and the universe

I am never alone, but surrounded by wisdom and care

I am capable of thriving and growing

I am constantly learning new ways to to add value to my life and those around me

I am able to learn from everything life brings my way

I can not know everything but I trust that I know what I currently need to know

I move rooted in trust and appreciation for my capabilities to thrive and previal

I practice patience and care with myself

I am enough, I have enough

I welcome ease and abundance into my life at every corner


Thank you guys for this round and please don´t be afraid to stay in touch and to come back to the site and re-read some of the days’ lessons whenever you feel the need!

Sending you all love and light and thank you so much for being apart of this circle and hoping I get to see you around on the internet somewhere! And please don´t become strangers.

May life find you blooming wherever you are and you constantly attract more abundance and ease into your life.

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