Hi everyone,

For yesterday´s assignment, we wrote down what we envisioned our ideal life to be in order for us to create awareness of where we want our life to head. We need to do that so that we are able to keep that vision in our mind when going through our daily life.

We have talked a lot about nature and the uniqueness of each plant and the care it needs: Often, if you buy a plant, there is often a care label attached to it; how much sun it needs, how much water it needs and if you go online, there is always information that shows different “dis -eases” a plant can go experience, their signs and the remedies. Another place we find care-labels is on our clothing which is there to ensure that the garment is taken care of well enough to stay in good condition and last a long time.

After several days of self-reflection and practices, we should now have a bit of an idea of which way it feels good to care for ourselves. Keep in mind as you grow and change this too might change, so adjustments are always possible. So, today we are going to work on our own self-care label! You can get as creative as you like with the creation of your label, the most important thing is that you are able to have it somewhere you can see it often or have it available to you always, wherever you are. A recommendation is to have one in your room, journal and perhaps on a device you often have with you or a miniature version in your wallet 🙂 Up to you. Here is mine as inspiration.


Must have to thrive: 

  • Drink water daily (herbal teas incl)
  • Movement at least 3x a week ( something enjoyable)
  • Proper sleep (7 hours at least)
  • Intimacy of any kind 3x a week (family and loved ones)
  • A  good deep soul talk at least once a week
  • Calm mornings and calm evenings
  • One good home-cooked meal a day
  • Short to-do-lists ( 4 – 5 things)
  • A rough sense of planning or goals weekly/monthly (and breaks from it)
  • Time to be creative once a week( drawing, writing or crafts)
  • Nature baths or gazing min 4x a week
  • Engage/ connect to affirming, positive & inspiring knowledge min 5x a week
  • A sense of progress on any personal passions/work min 2x  week

Signs of distress:

  • Frequent bad food choices
  • Decreased sleep
  • Increased mental noise
  • Crying more than 2x a week ( for long periods)
  • Consistent irritability (outside of moon-cycle)
  • Body aches or/and tensions
  • Anxiety
  • Isolation
  • Consistent negative thinking and talking
  • An unusual amount of procrastination
  • Consistent lack of inspiration/motivation
  • Unkempt surrounding
  • Consistent lack of routine/order/direction in daily life
  • A noticeable decrease in body and hair maintenance
  • Long lasting lack of physical activity
  • A noticeable amount of weight loss or gain

Known to work remedies when distressed (not thriving):

  • First – Look at must have to thrive section and see what has been neglected. Increase time with loved ones. Spend time in nature. For a quick fix – enjoy a good soul meal (amen). Watch a comedy or inspiring content, dance to your ‘happy playlist’, avoid watching excessive amounts of depressing/ negative content. Have a day or week off to unplug, get rooted and reset. Clean room/house and declutter. Look at pretty stuff (visit your Pinterest boards for inspiration). Journal and reconnect within and your spiritual practices. If no improvements are seen/felt, reach out for community support and help.


So, guys, that is my “self-care-label” – the things on it are things I have become aware of during my self-care and self-exploration journey. We can´t expect a mal-treated plant to grow and thrive and neither can we expect the same from ourselves. Sometimes we forget how to care for ourselves and being able to write it down on paper and have it close by, helps us become mindful and equipped with the knowledge we need to place ourselves in conditions that help us thrive. This is also something that you can share with close loved ones like your partner so they can have a “care” guide of you in times of distress or even if they wish to help you thrive more <3

(Here is the audio finally :))


Wish you all the best of life and love and I look forward to seeing you in our next and last circle tomorrow!