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Hey you! Welcome to my little digital oasis about all things holistic healing, living, thriving, curiosity and intentionally artsy creation.

My name is May, I am a Ugandan girl raised in Denmark – so there is a certain duality in my existence that I constantly seek understanding, grounding and balancing.

Most of the work I do is centered around holistic and intersectional healing as a holistic life coach and living as well as creating art which reflects that curiosity and approach to life.

I am so passionate about self-development and learning though I know I don´t know it all, which makes the world an absolute adventure which I turn into mini-projects that I try to explore. I am my own universe and I want to inspire other people to create and live from a place of self-empowerment and self-determination. I work towards progress but seldom perfection and try to find a reason in every lesson which I share on my many other platforms too. I work by a method of #questioneverything because I want to see and understand why the world and we as humans are as we are and how we can live more in harmony with ourselves first, those around us and our environment.

On this blog, you will find the universes that pull my spirit; holistic healing, blooming, Africa, black girls and women magic, the plant-based intuitive eating lifestyle, conscious style & design, consciousness, sustainability, personal growth, artsy-pantsy-ness and whatever else blooms in my corner of life.

I am a child of the internet and with this little online oasis, I hope to share a curiosity about all that happens around me, through soul, food, body, and life. I hope you find something intriguing here for you too 😉

If you are curious to learn even more about my journey  (because you find me that interesting 😛 ) to healing and the person I have become or just want to support my work, I recommend you check out my book In constant bloom

Otherwise, consider me your short big sister from the webs, I don´t bite, so please don´t hesitate to come a little closer and be part of the tribe and I hope to inspire you to bloom wherever you are.


with love, light and courage

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