PAWOC : Ovarian Psychos and Ana Tijoux

Hey you! So, I wanna start a new series on my blog called PAWOC aka Pretty Awesome Women of Color and it will do just that! Showcase some of the badass women of color doing super awesome things and whom inspire…

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Seinabo Sey : Poetic

I swear that you won´t regret pressing play on this beautiful soul and her beautiful music. For some time now, It´s been rare for some time, for me to find or stumble upon music that really touches. But recently, some…

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Closing chapters and graduation

“All living things never stop changing, only synthetic things stay as we would demand of them.The rest follow the natural law. From a plant to love, to you, to us, change is the purpose of life of existence… your power is…

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A weekend in Berlin

So what do you do for a quick 48 hour stay in Berlin? In May, while Girassol was visiting I knew I didn´t want him to go all the way home without making a stop to one of my favourite cities…

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Love Gestures

Turning lucky number 27!

  So this time last Sunday was my birthday. I turned 27 and was pretty excited but also kinda very grown-up about it(brushes my shoulder in pride, then looses grown-up points). I didn´t want much really (something that has increased in…

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