Eatery Life

Vegan in Brazil: Aracaju

Last week we were celebrating São João! It is that holiday I also wrote about in my last post. A holiday that I am actually really getting into and already looking forward to the one next year! It reminds me of…

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A year and us – Life in Brazil

Hey guys,   I have now been living in Brazil for a full turn around the sun and a few sunsets and rises. When I arrived in Brazil a year ago, it was during Sao João festival. We went to…

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On the other side of comfort

Sometimes life feels like a sitcom cliché – like how you watch an episode and there is clearly a theme or a “lesson” to be learned and somehow, everything then leads up to that lesson or supports it in some…

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Digital Soul Class

Day 8. How to thrive

Hi girls, welcome to day 8! All on thriving – now that we have understood more about the survival mindset or practices we can now start thinking and creating fertile soil for our thriving by designing our ideal/ day and…

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