Eatery Life

Truth Speaking – Food Shame

“Food shaming can create such a strong fear of what to eat that a person becomes so rigid they risk their physical and emotional health, whether it be from malnourishment, disordered eating patterns, or eating disorders.” Rebecca Scritchfield Hey sis, here we…

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Eatery: Next on my Vegan Comfort lust/list

So, you know how you can make plans/ to-do-list, for places to go or things to buy? Well, recently I have been pinning all the glorious vegan treats on my Pinterest food folder – salivating at beautiful pictures and well-described…

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In the company of black women

I spent Saturday in the company of other black women. That might not be worth a blog post everywhere, but when you live in Denmark, it is. We were doing a photoshoot for our upcoming natural hair exhibition and documentation (…

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